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Seungjun Nah


Ph.D candidate

Department of ECE, SNU, Seoul, Korea

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I am a Ph.D student majoring in computer vision at SNU computer vision lab, advised by prof. Kyoung Mu Lee.


I am co-organizing the 4th NTIRE workshop and challenges in conjunction with CVPR 2019. Check out our newly released REDS dataset for the video restoration challenges. The challenge winners will be awarded at the CVPR 2019 workshop. Many thanks to my colleagues (Sungyong Baik, Seokil Hong, Gyeongsik Moon, Sanghyun Son, Radu Timofte and Kyoung Mu Lee) for collecting, processing and releasing the dataset together.

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Research Interests

I am interested in deep learning and low-level computer vision problems, especially visual quality enhancement. My recent research topics include deblurring, super-resolution, neural network acceleration.